Hannah’s Turkey Trot Supporting JDRF


Hannah’s Turkey Trot, Presented by Tru Tri Sports

Saturday, November 21st


1K/5K/10K Walk or Run


Bridgeland is a master planned community situated in the heart of Cypress, TX.  It is full of miles and miles of running trails and many beautiful lakes to enjoy.  Why not start off your Thanksgiving tradition with a walk or run benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, JDRF.  Juvenile Diabetes, also known as Type 1 Diabetes, is generally diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults. Scientists do not yet know exactly what causes type 1 diabetes, but they believe that autoimmune, genetic, and environmental factors are involved. Please be a part of this wonderful cause and join us on Saturday, November 21nd, 2015. 


Contact Jennifer Darnell at Jdarnell@trutrisports.com or call 281-758-2399  

Packet Pick-up Location: 

Tru Tri Sports

24324 NW Freeway, Stu 400

Cypress, TX 77429


Packet Pick-up Dates:

Thursday, November 19       3:00-7:00pm

Friday, November 20            12:00-7:00pm


 CY-Ranch High School 10700 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433 (directly across the street from the community of Bridgeland)


Message from Hannah:

HannahMy name is Hannah, I am 13 and I have Type 1 Diabetes.  This is my 6th year with Diabetes.  Below is a snapshot of my day with Diabetes:

12am – Mom comes in to check my blood sugar by pricking my finger while I sleep. If my blood sugar is too low, I have to eat or drink fast acting sugar and she retests me every 10-15 minutes until it’s high enough.  If I am too high, she gives me insulin through my insulin pump and has to re-check me in 2 hours.  If I’m okay, she comes back at 3am.

3am –  Another finger prick while I sleep and repeating the above.

6:15am – Wake up for school with another blood sugar check and receive insulin for my breakfast.  This is based upon how many carbohydrates I have for breakfast.  This is the same with each meal.

12:30 pm – Check my blood sugar in the nurses office and receive insulin again based upon what mom made for lunch. (It’s too hard to count everything in school lunch, so I always have to bring lunch from home).

3:45 pm – I feel low on the bus, so I check my blood sugar.  I am 60 (under 70 is considered “low”), so I eat 4 glucose tablets that I keep with me at all times.  I have to re-check in 10 minutes to make sure my blood sugar goes back up.

4:20 pm – Come in from the bus and test for my snack.  Receive insulin for the carbs I eat for snack. I’m getting better at calculating it all myself.

6:30 pm – Time for Dinner!  Yet another finger prick for my dinner test and insulin for my dinner carbs.Hannah Dance

7:30 pm – It’s time to change my insulin pump.  I wear an Omnipod, which is a little pod-like insulin delivering device that I have to change every 3 days.  The day it goes on it hurts since there is a needle inside that has to insert the cannula under my skin.  I have to rotate sites from my stomach, back, legs and arms so I don’t have scar tissue build up.

9:00 pm – Time for bedtime blood sugar check.  I’m perfect, so no insulin or glucose needed.  Yay!

10:15 pm – Time for mom to go to bed, so she’ll test me one more time before my midnight test.  This time, my blood sugar is 275, so I need insulin to make it go back down.  So, mom will be back in 2 hours anyway.    

This is a look into my day.  I will be testing my blood sugar and receiving insulin for the rest of my life.  This will not change until we find a cure.

Every athlete registration will also receive a Hannah’s Turkey Trot T-shirt.

Every athlete finisher will receive a finishers medal! 🙂

Thank you for being a part of making a change in the lives of those affected by Juvenile Diabetes!


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