Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon Bicycles

Triathlon bikes are built for speed while conserving as much of the riders energy as possible. Here is our complete collection of Triathlon Specific Bikes:


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Triathlon Bike Attributes

Triathlon bikes are built for speed while conserving as much of the riders energy as possible. Here is our complete collection of Triathlon Specific Bikes: while utilizing rider energy efficiently and even conserving energyTriathlon Bikes - Triathlon Specific Bicycles

Triathlon bikes construction sets them a part from the typical road bike or mountain bike. The triathlon bike geometry is usually angled forward for increase leverage and speed. The tri bike is seat tube angle in steeper averaging around 76-78 degrees. The triathlon bike chain stay is usually one centimeter or shorter. The design and construction allow the triathletes hips to remain open while in a hunched aerodynamic posture.

The triathlon bike construction allows the rider to stay and hold an aerodynamic position for longer periods of time and remain comfortable. The forward angled body position allows most of the work to be done by the hamstrings. This will put less stress on the quadriceps as the rider makes the elliptical pedal motion, thus conserving energy for the run. The sloping forward design also allows for more efficient aerodynamic position of the rider and bike.

7 Steps on How To Choose Your Triathlon Bike

1. The Importance of Steep Seat Tube Angle

The main seat post tube angle is positioned forward and upright. This is done to position the rider more forward over the cranks and allows for a more aerodynamic position. This position puts most of the effort on the quadricep and conservers energy for the run.

2. What is the besttriathlon bike material?

The material of the bike depends on the length of the ride and the riders personal riding style. Let’s discuss each main material type: aluminum, steel, carbon fiber and titanium.

Aluminum Triathlon Bikes

Aluminum is light and stiff which makes fast riders love this material. The frame does not flex when coming out of corners in a sprint.

The draw back is that the lack of flexibility in the frame makes it wear on the rider on long rides. The heavier the rider, the more comfortable the ride on a long distance ride with an aluminum triathlon bike. The lighter the rider, the more they feel the road bumps. This bike is great for sprints or Olympic events.

Steel Triathlon Bikes

Steel is one of the oldest triathlon bike material. Steel triathlon bike frames are more shock absorbent and lively out of the saddle, making it a more comfortable material for Ironman distance triathlons. The drawback from a steel framed triathlon bike is the weight of the bike frame. The weight can be up to as much as two pounds in some cases, which creates more drag for the rider.

Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bikes

Carbon fiber is the most comfortable, shock absorbent, and softest triathlon bike material. This material is especially beneficial to older riders, or riders with bad backs. Carbon fiber triathlon bike frames main negative  attribute is the loss of power when you are in the saddle. Due to the materials flexibility, it takes away from your power in the saddle. It’s a great bike for lightweight riders and athletes with aches and pains.

Titanium Triathlon Bikes

Titanium is one of the most durable and light weight bike materials. It is very absorbent on rough roads, and has the excellent ride quality of a steel frame. The major disadvantage is the high cost of a titanium triathlon bike frame. The material is very difficult to process, thus making it more costly to produce.

3. What is a triathlon bike group and why would I need one?

A group is a package of bike components that comes with a triathlon bike when it is purchased. A group consists of things like: shifters, brakes, deraillers, and many of bike components that truly “customize” the bike. Shimano and Campagnolo are two of the most popular bike group manufacturers. You can check out our complete collection of bike component groups at:

 4. Triathlon bikes have thick-shaped tubing. Wouldn’t that make the bike heavier?

The bladed down tubes do not make a huge aerodynamic advantage, unless you are averaging 28 mph or over. You can cut more off your time with proper seat positioning on your bike and by investing in deep-dish aerodynamic wheels, than you can with worrying about the bike’s thick tube-shaped design.

5. How important is the fork?

Most triathlon bike forks are carbon fiber, the softest and most shock-absorbent material. This is especially important when most of your time on your bike is spent on the front end in the aerobars. If you notice as you are riding over rough road, you will see that your for blades actually flex, which deflects the shock toward the tire and wheels instead of the bikers body and bike.

6. Which wheel is better 650c or 700c?

Depending on who you speak with will determine the answer. Both create less rolling resistance, but the 650c crowd swears they have less frontal wind-catching area. The 700c wheels are loved by the tall guys who are 6 foot and up. They contend that the 700c wheels are more stable, while short men and most women set up the 650c. Our excellent bike fitting department will assist you in pick out the right wheels for your triathlon bike.

 7. Do they sell triathlon bikes at big box retailers like Sams Clubs or Costco?

First of all, the bikes that are sold at big box retailers are most likely good bikes. HOWEVER, triathlon bikes are made specifically for the triathlete. specializes in triathlon equipment and accessories. When you purchase a triathlon bike from Tru Tri Sports, you are also gaining years of experience from our professional bike sales and service staff. Our bike staff will start by asking you specifics about what you are looking for, your riding style, and how you will use your bike, to ensure you make the right decision.

There is your list….so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or check out our collection of triathlon bikes, and start training for your next event.

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