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2XU Women's A:1 Active Wetsuit Sleeveless

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Made of 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene Active Developed the new A:1 is intended for athletes who demand flexibility and buoyancy at a limited cost. ALTRA features are: Concave Water Entrapment Zones (CWEZ) in the forearms, Rollbar to improve body position, Floating Zip Panel for enhanced search for water and the Panel in front 39 cell for increased buoyancy.
The new technology also brings the top A:1 swimmers in its early stages.
A:1 model has the same features as Active Sleveless but without sleeves for total freedom of movement

Garment Features

  • SCS Coating-Hydrodynamic Silicone Coating
  • 39 Cell Front Panel-Max Buoyancy Buoyancy
  • Velocity Strakes-Hydrodynamic Stability
  • Concave Water Entrapment Zone-Enhanced DPS *
  • Floating Zip Panel-Extra DPS *
  • 520% Stretch Lining-Enhanced Lateral Flexibility
  • RollBar-Improved Core Buoyancy + Body Position
  • 16 Sizes-A Specialised, Comfortable Fit
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