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AquaSphere Aqua Sphere Women's Phantom Full Wetsuit
Aqua Sphere Women's Phantom Full Wetsuit $209.99 $699.99

Aqua Sphere Women's Phantom Full Wetsuit

$699.99 $209.99
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The Aqua Sphere performance wear range was developed in order to provide triathletes and open water swimmers the best training and performance wear engineered for an aquatic environment. This line features patented technologies that provide athletes with technique enhancing features. Aqua Sphere's design team is focused to deliver the most comfortable, performance enhancing products. Core Power System – Internal Adjustable Belt Support – Improves posture enhancing hip rotation and lengthens stroke Bio-Stretch Zone – Strategically placed 1mm Stretch Zone allows for the maximum range of motion Auto Positioning Sleeve – 5mm Band – Encourages high elbow position on pull phase of stroke Power Zone – Strategically positioned sections of the forearm, externally coated with a super-stretch material engineered to increase traction during the pull phase of the stroke Grip Protection System – is a specially designed fabric application that minimizes friction and creates a shield over the wetsuit in order to maximize the life of the suit Aqua-Grip Cuff – Specially designed seal around the wrist and ankle cuffs keeps water out Yamamoto #39 – Yamamoto Neoprene offers the optimum balance of flexibility, reduced drag coefficient, and durability. The SCS coating offers the lowest drag coefficient available and maximizes speed Thermo-Guard Technology - provides warmth and maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs and chest

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