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blueseventy Men's Reaction Full Wetsuit
blueseventy Men's Reaction Full Wetsuit $165.00 $550.00

blueseventy Men's Reaction Full Wetsuit

$550.00 $165.00
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Speedy swimming is about more than just being strong and fit. Body position and buoyancy both play a big role in helping you get through open water and to T1 as quickly as possible, and Blueseventy engineered the Reaction Men's Wetsuit to address both to help you swim more efficiently. New for 2017, Blueseventy improved flexibility along the upper body and lower legs for a less restricting fit when you're in the water. As before, Blueseventy uses Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene in varying thicknesses for a suit that gives you more buoyancy where you need it, without weighing you down in places you don't. Blueseventy designed the Reaction with its 4-5-4 pattern. Around the chest and lower legs, 4mm thick neoprene lets your body sink slightly into the water for more efficient strokes and kicks, while 5mm neoprene panels at the torso and behind the hips raises your midsection slightly to reduce drag, encourage an efficient "downhill" swimming position, and help minimize inefficient side-to-side roll. Also worth noting is the SCS hydrodynamic silicone coating, which reduces friction and lets you slip through the water faster than you would on your own. Under the arms and around the shoulders, the Reaction sports thin 1.5mm panels that allow increased flexibility for smooth strokes. The split VO2 chest panel gives your lungs plenty of room to expand and contract, especially while you adapt to icy water and a frantic start, and Blueseventy's Orange A-Flex inner jersey and long rear zipper let you slip easily out of the suit and through T1 before your competitors have had a chance to catch up. Swim for a PR in this flexible, tri-specific wetsuit 4-5-4 design puts you in an ideal swim position VO2 chest panels stretch to accommodate hard breathing Flexible knee panels won't restrict as you run to T1 Updated jersey liner is more flexible than ever Aquaseal arm cuffs prevent flushing Full-length zipper pull for easy removable in T1 Flexible legs can be cut up to 6cm for the right fit

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