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blueseventy Women's Fusion Full Wetsuit '12
blueseventy Women's Fusion Full Wetsuit '12 $160.00 $350.00

blueseventy Women's Fusion Full Wetsuit '12

$350.00 $160.00
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Article number: 12WFSF01WS
EAN: 9421025817922
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The Blueseventy Women's Fusion Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit has been refreshed with improved comfort and reach in the water. Updated with high buoyancy in the legs to promote downhill swimming and a full SCS coating, you'll be able to cut through the water with ease than the rest of the competition. Buy This Suit If: You want exceptional flexibility with great lower-body buoyancy at a mid-range price. Neoprene Composition Arm/Underarm Gussets: 1.5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto #38. Neck: 2mm Yamamoto #38. Chest: 3mm SCS-coated Yamamoto #38. Torso/Hip: 5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto #38. Lower Leg: 4mm SCS-coated Yamamoto #38. Back Panel Around Zipper: 1.5mm Yamamoto #38. Features S-Grip forearm panels improve forearm water-feel. New thinner side panels for improved fit, and to compliment the torso and back buoyancy panels. Low, thin and flexible collar: For improved comfort and reduced chafing. Aqua-seal Cuffs: 4-way stretch fabric in silicone cuffs that seals out water. Super Composite Skin (SCS) Legs: Provides a hydrophobic, protective barrier against fingernails and other abrasive or damaging elements, improving durability and speed. Buoyancy: Lifts lower half of body for less drag and optimal body position in water. Flexibility: Bright orange inner jersey offers highly flexible 4-way stretch. Quick-exit Legs: maximize flexibility and promote a transition. Taped internal seams allow you to cut the legs to the right length.
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