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blueseventy Women's Helix Full Wetsuit
blueseventy Women's Helix Full Wetsuit $240.00 $800.00

blueseventy Women's Helix Full Wetsuit

$800.00 $240.00
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Article number: WWSHFS-15
EAN: 9421028047005
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Redesigned to be even faster than the previous version, the Blueseventy Helix Triathlon Wetsuit fits like a comfortable second skin to help you glide through the water and conserve energy. The Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene keeps your body in the ideal position in the water and the Torsional Stretch Technology panels offer unparalleled flexibility. With a meticulously constructed design, this wetsuit is the fastest, finest wetsuit Blueseventy has ever made. Buy This Suit If: You want the best triathlon wetsuit available. Neoprene Composition Arm/Underarm Gussets: 1mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Chest: 5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto Aerodrome. Torso/Upper Leg: 5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto Aerodrome. Lower Leg: 4mm Yamamoto. Blue TST Panels: 1.5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Side Panels: 3mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Central Split Chest Panel: 3mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Back Panel Around Zipper: 2mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Back of Knee: 3mm Yamamoto. Features VO2 Chest Panel: Central split chest panel allows for greater chest expansion and unimpeded breathing. Honeycomb Aqua Feel: Offers lightweight, extra feel for the water. Aquaseal: 4-way stretch fabric in silicone cuffs that seals out water. Specially-Designed Buoyancy: Lifts the lower half of the body to lessen drag and correct body positioning in the water. Optimal Flexibility: Inner jersey laminated to ultra-supple 40 neoprene for flexible fit. Torsional Stretch Technology (TST): Eliminates seam lines and frees up deltoid muscle for unparalleled arm and shoulder movement. Ultrathin Arms: 1mm premium Yamamoto 40 cell arms for flexibility and second-skin comfort. Body Fit Panels: Gender-specific 3mm Fit Panels contoured to compliment the torso and back leg buoyancy panels for improved body rotation. Quick Exit Legs: Thin lower leg panels for easy on/off design. Knee Flex: Textured panels reduce bunching and improve transition time. Reverse Zipper: Removes bulky zipper and allows for a lower neckline to offer you with enhanced comfort.

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