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blueseventy Women's Helix Sleeveless Wetsuit
blueseventy Women's Helix Sleeveless Wetsuit $297.00 $500.00

blueseventy Women's Helix Sleeveless Wetsuit

$500.00 $297.00
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Article number: WWSHLJ-15
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Designed with quick exit legs, a reverse zipper, and body fit panels, the Helix Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit has been redesigned to fit like a comfortable second skin and to be quicker than ever. The thick Yamamoto Aerodome delivers higher body positioning in the water as the Torsional Stretch Technology panels offer unparalleled flexibility. With a meticulously constructed design, this wetsuit is the fastest, finest Blueseventy yet. Buy This Suit If: You seek an all-around excellent tri wetsuit. Neoprene Composition Chest: 5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto Aerodrome. Torso/Upper Leg: 5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto Aerodrome. Lower Leg: 4mm Yamamoto. Blue TST Panels: 1.5mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Side Panels: 3mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Central Split Chest Panel: 3mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Back Panel Around Zipper: 2mm SCS-coated Yamamoto. Back of Knee: 3mm Yamamoto. Features VO2 Chest Panel: Central split chest panel allows for greater chest expansion and unimpeded breathing. Honeycomb Aqua Feel: Offers lightweight, extra feel for the water. Aquaseal: 4-way stretch fabric in silicone cuffs that seals out water. Specially-Designed Buoyancy: Lifts the lower half of the body to lessen drag and correct body positioning in the water. Optimal Flexibility: Inner jersey laminated to ultra-supple 40 neoprene for flexible fit. Torsional Stretch Technology (TST): Eliminates seam lines and frees up deltoid muscle for unparalleled arm and shoulder movement. Ultrathin Arms: 1mm premium Yamamoto 40 cell arms for flexibility and second-skin comfort. Body Fit Panels: Gender-specific 3mm Fit Panels contoured to compliment the torso and back leg buoyancy panels for improved body rotation. Quick Exit Legs: Thin lower leg panels for easy on/off design. Knee Flex: Textured panels reduce bunching and improve transition time. Reverse Zipper: Removes bulky zipper and allows for a lower neckline to offer you with enhanced comfort.

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