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> GP 4000 700 x 25 Black Chili
It's just what you want from a tyre, and Continental's new Black Chili compound in their GP4000 Special delivers with the use of nano-technology.
Attack/Force Grand Prix Set
The Continental Attack/Force Tire Positioning System is an innovation that racers have embraced because of the noticeable increases in response and handling.
Competition Tubular 28 X 22 Black-BW + Black Chili
The true choice of World Tour and elite pro racers the world over, the Continental Competition Tubular Road tire is one of the most used and best performing tubular endurance race tires in the world.
Continental 650c 20-25 42mm PV Tube
A premium-priced tube that’s great to carry as a spare. 42mm valve stem offers an option in between the popular 35mm and 48mm sizes.
Continental 700 X 28-47 (27) - SV 40Mm Tube - 180G
Continental Standard Schrader valve tubes.
Continental Cement For Carbon Rims
Despite the presence of whatever alchemical agent recommends the carbon cement for carbon rims, the two glues are about the same in terms of texture, viscosity, curing time, etc. A single 25g tube of Continental Carbon Rim glue should be enough to secure
Continental Cement For Carbon Rims - Box of 12
Continental Carbon Rim Cement adheres to carbon fiber rims better than standard tire glue.
Continental Gator Hardshell Tire 700x23 Steel Bead
If you log more miles commuting to work and around town than some pros do in training, the Continental Gator Hardshell Road Tire is the answer to the spare tubes, patch kits, and pumps you’ve been hauling around.
Continental Gatorskin 700x23c Tire Wire Bead
The GatorSkin is the ultimate wire bead training & racing tyre where puncture protection is priority. Using the latest technology against flats the GatorSkin range uses an aramid breaker and Duraskin® sidewall ProTection.
Continental Gatorskin 700x32 Folding Bead
The Continental Gatorskin road tire features great durability and puncture resistance while still preserving a great ride feel.
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Quality Products
Satisfaction Guarantee
Speedy Delivery