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FINIS Agility Paddle
A winner of the 2013 red dot Design Award, the high-quality design of the FINIS Agility Paddle teaches swimmers how to correctly position your hands with each stroke.
Finis Dryland Cords Yellow Light Yellow Yellow Light
Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training and conditioning. The Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles. Attaching to an anchor point, the Dryland Cords allow swimmers to train outside the water and stimulat
FINIS Jammer Solid Black 28
The FINIS Jammer Solid is a versatile suit appropriate for exercise or competition
FINIS Lap Track Swim and Lap Computer
The FINIS™ Lap Track allows a swimmer to keep track of laps, split times, and calories used while continuously swimming.
FINIS Long Floating Fin JR 6-8
The FINIS Floating Fins increase leg strength and help athletes swim at faster speeds. With its long, hydrodynamic blade, the Floating Fins add propulsion to flutter and butterfly kick. Buoyancy from the fins lifts the legs to the surface reducing drag fr
FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player
Experience unprecedented sound quality and clarity as you train with the FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player- v2. This music player is waterproof up to 3 meters underwater and features a clear, high-contrast display screen.
Finis Spandex Swim Cap - Solid Red
The Spandex Cap helps keep hair pulled cleanly away from the face and neck while swimming. The swim cap is made out of a soft spandex material that stretches and fits most head sizes snuggly.
FINIS Zoomers Gold Short Blade Training Fins
The Zoomers Gold fins provide an improved foot pocket formulated from soft natural rubber for increased comfort. The short blade encourages shorter, faster kicks for additional propulsion through the water. The Zoomers Gold Fins are an ideal training fin.
Quality Products
Satisfaction Guarantee
Speedy Delivery