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Muscle Care/Pain Management

MojiHeat Roller
Our game changing dual therapy roller combines the benefits of traditional foam rolling with the comfort and relaxation of therapeutic heat. The MojiHeat Roller is the hottest roller on the market! This patents-pending roller features a textured, cushione
Moji Foot Pro
Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, the Moji Foot Pro massager uses lightweight, stainless-steel spheres to dig deep into muscle and other tissues to relieve pain and break up scar tissue.
MojiHeat 2" Massage Ball
Great for massaging the entire body! With the power of heat, you will feel great!

Eases muscle tightness and soreness. Increases blood flow. Improves mobility. Enhances warm up & recovery. Keeps your muscles loose. Relieves pain and tension. Feels gre
Moji Foot Massager
Moji Foot Massager features high-tech engineered plastic spheres which are lightweight and travel-friendly. The spheres dig deep into muscle and tissues to relieve pain and break up scar tissue. Made in USA.
Moji Mini Pro
An excellent tool for massage relief whether you're at a race or at work, the Moji Mini Pro uses a set of 7 omni-directional stainless steel spheres to help alleviate muscle pain.
Moji Curve
This full body massager is lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly. It fits nicely in your gym bag or back pack! With the rotating spheres that continue to offer a 360 degree massage - unlike other massagers. The omni-directional massage spheres allow
KT Tape Pro Rage Red 20 Pre-cut Strips
KT Tape Pro can be worn comfortably in the shower, in the pool or while riding big waves at microfibers. You triathletes, swimmers, surfers and sailors are sure to appreciate it.
Trigger Point The Grid X Foam Roller: 13-inch Roller, Black
Dense tissue needs a firmer GRID foam roller to release and relieve aches and pains. The GRID X can be used to release the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, back and lats.
GRID Mini Foam Roller
The GRID Mini foam roller is designed with proprietary Distrodensity zones. This three dimensional surface has a variety of widths to mobilize tissue and aid in recovery.
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Quality Products
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