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Continental Gatorskin 700x32 Folding Bead

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A tough tire that just keeps going.

The Continental Gatorskin road tire features great durability and puncture resistance while still preserving a great ride feel. It can be used in a variety of situations including fast training, touring, and commuting. A layer of Continental's popular Duraskin anti-cut layer combined with the PolyX breaker under the tread help ward off flats. 60 TPI per layer casing (3 plies/180 total TPI) keeps the tire feeling supple. Carbon tread compound has a long wear life. Black tread with DuraSkin (black with brown cross hatching) side wall. Wire bead or folding bead.

  • 700c x 23mm (230g folding, 120 max. psi)
  • 700c x 25mm (250g folding, 120 max. psi)
  • 700c x 28mm (320g folding, 116 max. psi)
  • 700c x 32mm (325g folding, 102 max. psi)


    Note: Continental has recently added wear indicators to all Continental Gatorskin tires. These small divots in the tread surface are intentional and are not a sign of a factory defect. Once the rubber wears to the point where the divots are no longer discernible, you'll know it's time to replace.

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Quality Products
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