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FINIS FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player
FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player $90.00

FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player

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Experience unprecedented sound quality and clarity as you train with the FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player- v2. This music player is waterproof up to 3 meters underwater and features a clear, high-contrast display screen. How It Works 2013 Red Dot Design Award. MP3 player. Technologies Waterproof up to 3 meters. Gold-plated connection pins for dependability. Cutting-edge bone conduction technology for exceptional sound quality under water. Design Details Memory: 4GB. Clear, high-contrast OLED screen. Hydrodynamic clips for a sleek, secure fit. 4GB of storage (1,000 songs / 60 hours of playback). Compatible with iTunes® and most audio formats including AAC, MP3, and WMA. What’s Included FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player- v2. Rechargeable 8-hour Li-ion battery. USB charging cable. Mesh carry bag. Instructions. Firmware v2.01.2 is recommended for best performance. Contact FINIS for the latest update at http://www.FINISinc.com/support If charging cover was included remove cover while in use. Contacts must be dry prior to charging/downloading.
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