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Garmin Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle Black
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle Black $599.99

Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle Black

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Garmin offers their Edge 1000 computer both as a standalone unit and a bundle. This is the bundle, putting the computer and three essential sensors in one box, both letting you go from zero to full-functioning in one move and saving a bundle in the process.
The Edge 1000 is the crème of the bike computer crop. It goes beyond basic functions to do something that is kind of Borg. It can mate your bike computer to your smartphone and the web in ways that are almost unimaginable. More on this in a paragraph.
Because this is a bundle, you get all the pieces to make this a fairly full-functioning bike computer. That includes Garmin's Premium Heart Rate Monitor Strap, a soft fabric strap that is easier on the body, and their magnet less cadence and speed sensors. These, rather than working with a magnet that passes broadcast units mounted on your bike, have accelerometers built into the units directly. This way, you mount the cadence sensor to your crankarm and it can tell when it is moving and how fast, and you mount the speed sensor to a hub and it can sense how fast it is spinning. Pretty cool technology and you don't have to ruin your frame's lines or paint with zip ties.
The 1000 is insanely sophisticated, with all sorts of metrics and integration. At the same time, it can be simplified to just a speedometer with maps, if you prefer to see only those things as it records everything you can think of.  That's a benefit of a super-charged global positioning system (gps)
The size is fairly large for a computer, but it is a high-resolution, full-color, touch-sensitive screen that integrates with every kind of ANT+ sensor around. It isn't only for the speedometer, heart rate monitor, and cadence sensors. It's also for the power meter, the electronic shifting (provided you have Shimano Di2 and their accessory D-Fly Data management function), your Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart enabled phone, your Garmin Virb camera, and Garmin remote control buttons.
If you sync with your Bluetooth phone and run it in your pocket while you ride, it can live-track what you're doing, sending it to your Garmin Connect account (free, btw), which your friends can watch in real-time. If you've got Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE), it can tell you when calls and texts are coming to your phone. It has WiFi, so it can automatically upload your rides when they're done to Garmin Connect, or just upload automatically to your training software when you get in range of your home computer.
The mapping is crazy impressive as well. It comes loaded with North American street maps, which can help you find good routes to ride and stuff to see or stop for along the way. It can even choose routes for you, and pick a round trip route that will be more interesting than the way you went out.
That battery life is fifteen hours on a full charge. There's even a feature that automatically adjusts the screen brightness for best viewing and to maximize battery life. The unit can save up to 180 hours of rides, though the number goes down when you add routes and segments to the 1000's memory.
The Garmin Edge 1000 comes with Garmin's standard quarter-turn bar/stem mount, their extended out-front mount, maps, a tether to keep the unit with your bike even if it gets dislodged from the mount, a micro USB to USB cable, and user manuals. A MicroSD card can be added for extra memory or maps.
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