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PowerTap PowerTap P1 Pedal
PowerTap P1 Pedal $799.99

PowerTap P1 Pedal

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The PowerTap P1 Pedals have become one of the most popular power meters available. Featuring 8 strain gauges per pedal, the P1s provide true left/right power measurement with a power sensor located in each pedal. The P1s feature a forged aluminum pedal body and use proprietary, 3-bolt Keo-style cleats. The P1 Pedals weigh 199 grams each, run off of AAA batteries and provide approximately 60 hours of run time.

Since the P1 Pedals transmit data via ANT+ as well as Bluetooth SMART, you have the choice of using a traditional head unit or a smartphone. In addition, this PowerTap power meter is one of a select few power meters that is compatible with oval chainrings.

The P1 Pedals are one of the most popular power meters on the market today. They are accurate, durable, easy to install and are backed by a company that has been producing power meters for close to 20 years.


PowerTap P1 Pedal Highlights

True Left/Right Power Data

The P1 Pedals have a power sensor in each pedal, allowing it to measure true left and right power. This opens the possibility for a new set of pedaling metrics previously unavailable.

Easy Installation

Installing the P1s is as easy as installing a normal set of pedals. Grab a hex wrench and bolt them on! This also makes it easy to move this PowerTap power meter from bike to bike.

ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART

The P1s transmit data via ANT+ as well as Bluetooth SMART, which means you have the choice of using a traditional head unit or a smartphone.

Integrated Design

The P1s hold all of the electronics and batteries inside the pedal unit itself which makes for a clean look.

Super Durable

PowerTap went to great lengths to make sure the P1s are durable, and their efforts paid off. The P1s are engineered to take everything you can throw at them!

Accurate, Reliable, Consistent

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the P1s is that it just works. Accurate, reliable and consistent data – every day, every ride.


PowerTap Power Meter Cleat Compatibility

The P1 comes supplied with red, 6° degree float cleats. You also have the option to purchase black, 0° degree (fixed) float cleats. LOOK Keo cleats will work, but the engagement with the pedal isn’t perfect. For best results, we recommend using use the cleats that come with your PowerTap P1 Pedals.


In the Box

  • PowerTap P1 Pedals
  • A set of cleats (red, 6 degree float) and hardware
  • Two AAA lithium batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
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